We’ve Got Talent!

We ve Got Talent letter-page-001

Can you do magic tricks, tell jokes, sing, amazing skipping, incredible dancing, playing a musical instrument, sing, or even hula-hoop? Then let your teacher see what you can do and take part in ‘We’ve Got Talent!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Has your child got a special talent that they would like to share?

We are very excited to be launching ‘We’ve Got Talent’ at Grange Park Infant School!

We would like to see all the amazing talents that the children in our school have. It may be magic tricks, telling jokes, singing, amazing skipping, incredible dancing, playing a musical instrument, drama or even hula-hooping! If you practice every day and would like to show the school then be sure to let your class see your special talent, during the week after half term on 5th June.  There will be three rounds to this special event:

Round 1: Share with your class. Best entries will be chosen to take part in a whole school assembly

Round 2: Share special talent with the whole school in assembly

Round 3: ‘We’ve got Talent’ show which will be taking place in the hall on Thursday 15th June 2017

Our children will be sharing their talents with other children from four other local infant schools in front of a panel of judges.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful talents that our children have!

Good Luck everyone!