Primary Sports Funding

We are committed to delivering high-quality Physical Education and sporting activities. We provide 2 hours of PE each week in gymnastics, dance and games. The planned PE curriculum is further complemented by active playtimes and after-school sports clubs which include Tennis, Football and Multi-Sports.

Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle: we value and recognise the importance of developing the children’s physical, emotional and social well-being.

Primary PE & Sports funding: how it has been used

From September 2013 the Government has provided additional funding directly to primary schools to be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport – this year (2016-17) we have been allocated £9,012. The decision was made to pay for the services of a PE specialist from the South Hillingdon School Sports Network (SHSSN) using the allocated money. The specialist has provided us with a day a week to support staff and children, concentrating on all aspects of physical education. A Change4Life club was also set up to help children to develop healthier lifestyles. The children have also been competing in games within the school and across other schools in the SHSSN.

The school contributed additional money to the funding from the DfE to:

  • provide cover to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport
  • upgrade the school’s current scheme of work for the teaching of PE
  • upgrade and maintain gymnastics equipment

How impact has been measured to date

Key priorities to date: Key achievements / What worked well: Key learning / What will change next year
1. Increase confidence of teaching staff to deliver high quality PE lessons that engage our students and promote healthy lifestyles.

2. Engage all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy and active lifestyles.

3. Increase the profile of PE and Sport, using it as a tool for whole school improvement.

4. Provide a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.

5. Increase participation in competitive sport.


1. Confidence of staff delivering Val Sabin Scheme of work has increased due to a programme of CPD and team teaching provided to all Y1 and Y2 class teachers. Schemes of work have been re-worked to include fun themed activities and provide opportunities for peer assessment and greater differentiation. This has been evidence through qualitative feedback from the teachers involved.

2. The introduction of our “Change 4 Life” club gave a significant number of pupils the opportunity to participate in a multi-skills activity club. The planned PE curriculum is further complemented by active playtimes and after-school sports clubs which include Karate, Tennis and Football.

3. Being a member of the South Hillingdon School Sports Network (SHSSN)has increased our links with our community sports clubs. Our pupils have experienced half termly taster sessions in (Boccia, New Age Curling, Tae-Kwon-Do, Dance, BMX, FootGolf among others). We attend the annual SHSSN Awards to raise the profile of PE and Sport in the Borough.

1. There has been an impact on our pupils’ physical literacy as well as progress and attainment (evidenced in teacher assessments). Next year we will look to develop schemes of work that provide greater challenge as children progress through the key stage. We will also look to develop our use of assessment.

2. Over 20% of our students participate in regular (weekly) extra-curricular PE and Sports clubs but we would like to increase this to at least 35% next year. We would also like to engage parents to promote regular physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

3. Last year we ran two intra-school competitions and attended one inter-school competition. Next year we aim to attend at least two inter-school competitions and run 6 intra-school competitions.

4. Next year we will be offering fencing and archery to further broaden our pupils extra-curricular opportunities.

5. Next year we will be running 6 competitive intra-school competitions and aim to attend at least two inter-school competitions.

How the funding will be spent this academic year

Academic Year:
2016/ 2017
Total fund allocated:
PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator School Focus/ planned Impact on pupils Actions to Achieve Planned Funding Actual Funding Evidence Actual Impact (following Review) on pupils Sustainability/

Next Steps

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles Promoting educational excellence, matched to the ability of each child, in a welcoming, happy and caring environment  1. Create a new after school fencing club that targets “inactive” pupils. Open to 30 pupils each half term.

2. Deliver a series of intervention sessions throughout the year targeting SEND, G&T and low attendance.

3. Provide SMSA training and train a group of “play leaders” to deliver more active lunchtimes.

4. Set up “Change for Life” club to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Exposing children to new experiences and motivating them to participate in a sport that interests them. Hopefully acting as a springboard to other possibilities (sporting and non-sporting).

 £11,000* Quantitative data- from registers of extra-curricular clubs and intervention sessions. Evidence of SMSA training and “active play” seen in timetables and zoning. Number of logged behaviour incidents.

Qualitative- lunchtime “learning walks” and SMSA, pupil & Teacher interviews regarding the sessions impact.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement Promoting tolerance and understanding between individuals and communities represented in the school  1. Provide SMSA and “Play Leader” training sessions to deliver active play sessions during lunchtimes. Creating a safe and welcoming environment.

2. Attend at least 2 SHSSN festivals/competitions (working towards silver kite mark).

3. Promote PE and sport at least half termly in school media (promoting, clubs, competitions and pupil achievements).

4. Use new fencing club and intervention sessions described above as a tool for wholes school improvement.

5. Continue to provide Y1 & Y2 staff with 1on1 CPD and team teaching (3 full half terms per member of staff each year). Use planning time to develop SOW and rewrite lesson objectives.

Quantitative- Silver kite mark will be achieved. Evidence in school media promoting clubs/links. Data on lunchtime behaviour incidents. Extra-curricular programme and registers to monitor attendance. PE assessment data.

Qualitative- teacher feedback on CPD/1-2-1 sessions.

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport Endeavouring to be a community that children and adults enjoy coming to, learning in, and sharing in the many relationships encountered here. 1. Continue to provide Y1 & Y2 staff with 1on1 CPD and team teaching (3 full half terms per member of staff each year). Use planning time to develop SOW and rewrite lesson objectives.

2. Allocate planning time to develop a user friendly assessment framework to complement reworked SOW.

3. Provide CPD for teachers and TA’s to deliver high quality extra-curricular PE & Sport sessions. Starting with Fencing.

Quantitative- teacher voice questionnaire. Evidence of new assessment framework and developed SOW. New clubs emerging as a result of extra-curricular club CPD.

Qualitative- Teacher feedback and quotes. Learning walks.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils Providing a broad and balanced curriculum – presented in a way that will be interesting to your child and will encourage him or her to want to learn 1. As part of the “Gold Package”**
from SHSSN we will offer 6 half day taster sessions. These will include Sports Hall Athletics, Tae-Kwon-Do, Dance and Cricket (others TBC). These provide links to local clubs and festivals/competitions.2. Introduce Fencing to our extra-curricular programme.3. Provide CPD for teachers and TA’s to deliver extra-curricular clubs.4. Create links with local clubs and organisations to access additional funding and coaching etc.
Quantitative- extra-curricular programme and registers. Silver Kite Mark will be achieved. New club links will emerge. Additional funding will be sought.

Qualitative- pupils experiences of joining local clubs shared on website in form of case studies. Photographs and videos shared via school media. Displays.

Increased participation in competitive sport


Children attend and experience competitions. Having increased opportunities to compete with children from other schools. This raises aspirations, confidence and self motivation.


1. Commit to attending at least 2 SHSSN Level 2 (inter-school) competitions provided as part of our “Gold Package”**.

2. Introduce a programme of 6 L1 (intra-school) competitions to include (curling, archery, tri-golf, cricket and athletics)

Quantitative- register of attendance at L2 competitions and register of students involved. Register/timetable of L1 intra-school competitions.

Qualitative- School media, displays, case studies.

* Our Sport Premium of £9,000 is paid to the South Hillingdon Schools Sports Partnership (SHSSN) for their “Gold Package” **costing £11,000 per annum. This provides the school with an extensive competitions programme, 6 taster sessions per year and a full day per week of a PE Specialist to up-skill our staff and deliver the aims outlined above.

** More information on the SHSSN “Gold Package” can be found here.