Activities for children

We have put together a page full of activities for you to do with your children at home. Please scroll down to find these activities and we will continue to update this page with more resources.

OxfordOWL at Home

OxfordOwl resources for phonics

TopMarks Maths and Literacy Games

Parent Portal

For extra support with Speech and Language

P.E. with Joe on Youtube, every morning from 9am

LEGO Life Magazine

For comics and fun activities

Hamilton Trust

Maths and Literacy resources

Cosmic Kids Yoga

To help children relax and focus

BBC Bitesize KS1

A range of resources for all National Curriculum topics

Free audiobooks to listen to


Active Homes Newsletter from South Hillingdon School Sports Network (SHSSN)

Grange Park Infant & Nursery School are part of the South Hillingdon School Sports Network (SHSSN) who will be preparing a newsletter each week with links to organisations and activities designed to keep you and your child active and healthy at home. The latest newsletter can be found below.

(Note to parents: The following links are to external websites and Grange Park Infant & Nursery School are not responsible for any content or advertising on these websites. They may change or become unavailable at any time. All websites are free to access and were deemed appropriate for children at the time of publication, but children and young people must be supervised at all times while using the Internet. You may wish to visit them first before you allow your child to access them. Some websites may invite you and your child to register for more activities or access – please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for each website before registering.)