Children to bring packed lunches to school

Children will bring a packed lunch to school from Monday until 8th December.

I have included a clear guidance for this, illustrating the healthy choices for the children’s lunch box and those that are not permitted. Please make sure you read this carefully.

Healthy Lunch Boxes Guidance (PDF file)

No liquid based food items as yoghurts and yoghurt drinks please because of the potential to spill and leak, which is okay in the hall but in the classrooms on the carpets. We want to avoid any kind of cross contamination.

Please also be mindful of how much your child can eat at lunchtime.

They should be able to access all their food independently.

Any food not eaten will be returned home, including any wrappings.

You can collect your child’s lunch box from outside the classroom at the end of the day, so please make sure your child’s name is clearly visible on their lunch box.

It goes without saying; thoroughly wash the lunch box when you get it home ready for the next day.

On 9th December we should be able to return to school lunches only. I will update you if this changes.