We would like to thank you and your child for considering applying for a place at Grange Park Infant & Nursery School.

Grange Park Infant & Nursery School is a Foundation School and controls its own admission criteria. The London Borough of Hillingdon allocate Reception places using the school’s admission criteria.

There are 120 places available in each year group including Nursery.

Applying for a place in the Nursery

If you would like your child to attend the Nursery, please let the school know well in advance by contacting or visiting the School Office and putting your child on our Nursery waiting list. When your child is old enough we will invite you and your child to visit the Nursery where children will meet the teachers and their new friends and arrange a home visit before he or she starts.

Applying for a place in Reception before September start

The London Borough of Hillingdon controls applications for Reception places, so please apply using the London Borough of Hillingdon’s online e-Admissions service, or alternatively you can call the Schools Admissions Team on 01895 556644.

Applying for a place during the school year (school transfer)

If you would like to transfer schools during the school year, or if you have recently moved to the London Borough of Hillingdon and would like to apply for a place at Grange Park Infant School, you can either apply to the school directly or to the London Borough of Hillingdon, noting a preference for this school. You can apply to the Local Authority by filling out the online In-Year Application Form, by visiting the Civic Centre at Uxbridge, or by calling the Schools Admissions Team on 01895 556644.

Visit the London Borough of Hillingdon ‘School placements and admissions’ page

If a place is available in the correct year group, you will receive an offer for your child to join the school. If there are no places available your child’s name will be placed on our waiting list. We will then notify you if your child reaches the top of the list and a place becomes available, but generally we would not be able to let you know how long your child may have to wait.

When an offer is made, we will send home an admission pack with forms that you will need to return. We will arrange a date and time for you to visit the school with your child and meet the Head Teacher and your child’s new class – we are pleased to answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, your child will start on the date that has been arranged with you.

If your child is starting at the school soon, why not check these pages for day-to-day information?

School Day
Absence and Illness
Term Dates and School Times
School Meals

Further information

Our Admissions Policy contains more information about our procedures for admission.

View the current Admissions Policy (on Policies page)