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The Governing Body is responsible for the strategy and long-term running of the school. They support and challenge the Head Teacher and the Senior Leadership Team, ensuring that the school as a whole is providing the best education for all pupils. They work in partnership with the entire school community, communicate regularly with the school, conduct visits and attend special assemblies.

The Governing Body are involved in lots of decisions about the school, but the Head Teacher is is the person to approach with individual queries about day-to-day issues.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact the school to obtain information and an application pack.

Annual Governance Statement & Code of Conduct

Annual Governance Statement for 2017-18 (PDF file)

Code of Conduct for Governors 18-19 (PDF file)

Meet the Governing Body

Harjinder Rahanu – Chair of Governors

My name is Dr Harjinder Rahanu and I have been the Chair of the Governing Body at Grange Park Infant and Nursery School for the past two years, having been a Governor here since 2007. All three of my children have attended the school. The school gave them the firm foundation, love, support and encouragement that allowed them to go onto flourish in their education and become young adults with a moral compass and radiate confidence.

I work alongside governors and the school management team in order to ensure that what the school does on a daily basis provides for a loving, compassionate and supportive environment that allows each, and every, child to grow academically and personally. This can only be achieved by the enormous contribution of our brilliant members of staff who work professionally and caringly.

I am a senior university lecturer and have worked in education for two decades. As part of my governor role I have made school visits and had the opportunity to observe teaching first hand at the school. Each and every time I have watched lessons I have been deeply impressed by the excellent teaching that is being delivered to our children at Grange Park Infant and Nursery School.

The Governing Body’s sense of ethics and beliefs direct us to consider each and every pupil attending our school as being one of our own children. The Governing Body and I will actively support the right and entitlement of each child to have access to the very best education delivered in the most professional, gentle and helpful environment.

Selma Malek

Selma Malek – Co-opted Governor

My name is Selma Malek. I currently have a son in Year 2 at Grange Park Infant School. Since our time at the school I have been really impressed with the quality of teaching and the warm and friendly environment the schools brings to both children and parents.

I decided to become a Parent Governor in September 2016 as I felt I could learn a great deal about the running of the school and the education system and hopefully contribute my own personal experiences as a parent.

I have always wanted to contribute to the local community and when this position became available I knew it was something of interest to me. I am excited to attend the training courses available to support my role and look forward in maintaining the high standards the school is proud of.

Please feel free to approach me at any time before or after school.

Amrit Kalsi – Parent GovernorAmrit Kalsi

My name is Amrit Kalsi and I have been a parent governor since April 2016 at Grange Park Infant and Nursery School. My son is currently in Year 2 and I have seen him develop and make great progress being at the school. I would like to think that I can have an impact on continuing to help him learn and grow at this stage in his education.

I feel that it is important as a School Governor to provide support to the school and staff as they work hard to give all of our children a good educational start.

Working at a Secondary School has strengthened my belief of how the early years in education is so important in a child’s life. This is why I enjoy taking an active role in the school’s improvement and continued success. I feel that I can make a positive contribution to help ensure that the school provides the best possible opportunities for my son and all children at the school.

Dominic Honey – Local Authority Governor

My name is Dominic Honey and I have been a governor at Grange Park Infant and Nursery School since Spring 2018. I previously served as a school governor about 20 years ago when my children were at primary school. I have a strong interest in schools and education because I come from a family of teachers (my mother, father, wife and daughter were/are all teachers).
Schools are under great pressure at the moment and I would like to play my part to help increase attainment and opportunity for children. I also want to make sure that the hard working staff get the maximum support.
I am a chartered surveyor and I have spent my career in the property industry. Part of my job involved advising education sector governing bodies on property and finance issues.
I am also a mentor for the Career Ready programme, supporting 16-18 year old students.

More Governor profiles and photos coming soon

Governing Body – Constitution as of September 2018

Governor Governor Responsibility, Committee Membership &
Term of Office
Business interests Financial interests Governance roles in other schools
Parent Governors
Miss Rebecca Eyre Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022
Mrs Nishma Pai Responsible for SEND
Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022
Local Authority Governors
Mr Dominic Honey Term: 16/04/2018 – 15/04/2022
Partnership Governors
Dr Harjinder Rahanu

Chair of Governors

Responsible for Science, Early Years, Pupil Premium & Admissions

Member of Curriculum Committee & Joint Premises Committee

Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022

Ms Lorraine Plummer-Walrond
Vice Chair of Governors
Responsible for Child Protection

Member of Curriculum Committee

Term: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2020

Co-opted Governors
Mrs Selma Malek Responsible for Literacy

Term: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2020

Mrs Monica Dhaliwal Responsible for Maths

Member of Resources Committee

Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022

Mrs Amrit Kalsi Responsible for Equalities

Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022

None None None, though employed as a Data Officer at Barnhill Community High School
Staff Governors
Mrs Kiran Thapar
Head Teacher
Term: ex-officio, as Head Teacher (term began 01/05/2000)
Ms Louise Jenkinson
Term: 13/03/2018 – 12/03/2022
Clerk to Governors
Frances Nwanodi

An annual report on the work of the Governors and the performance of the school is presented each year and distributed to parents, who are invited to an annual meeting with the Governors to discuss it.