School Day

This is a look at a typical day at Grange Park Infant & Nursery School – there’s lots to do!

COVID-19 Restrictions: We are currently using staggered timings for dropping off and collecting children, so some of the times below do not reflect current practice. Please see our Coronavirus page for more information about these arrangements.

We are also unable to run Breakfast Club or After School clubs as this will bring children into contact with others outside their class ‘bubble’.

8am Breakfast Club opens. Visit the Breakfast Club page to find out more.

8.30am Morning Nursery session starts. There is a ‘soft start’ that runs for 15 minutes after this time – all children should be in class by 8.45am.

8.30-8.55am The playground is open. Parents will wait with their children in the playground until the bell is rung and children line up outside their classroom door.

8.55am School day starts and registers are taken. Any children who arrive after this time are late and must go to the Main Office to sign in.

9.15am Assembly takes place (except Class Assemblies which take place at 10.15am, and School Performances which have their own times). Children in the Main School will gather in the hall and find out about events of the week, listen to stories, sing and share their learning.

10.30-10.45am Mid-morning break. A wide range of activities are available for children to enjoy, and the Playground Trail can be used by a particular group, according to the Playground Rota for that day. Playground staff are experienced and support the children during their play.

11.30am The morning Nursery session finishes and children are dismissed.

12pm-1.15pm Lunch break – visit the School Meals page for the menu and more information.

If your child has an appointment, please collect them before 12pm or after 1.15pm as it will take much longer to pick up your child during lunchtime.

12.30pm Afternoon Nursery session starts. Parents should come to school with their child earlier than this time so that the session can start promptly.

Approx. 3.10pm The playground is open. Parents will wait outside the classroom door until the end of the school day and children are dismissed from their classroom doors.

3.15pm Afternoon Nursery session finishes and children are dismissed. There is a ‘soft finish’ that runs for 15 minutes after this time – all children should be collected by 3.30pm.

3.20pm School day ends. If your child has joined a club, they will go straight there with the class teaching assistant – club finishing times can vary from term to term. Visit the Clubs page for current information.

If your child will be collected by someone else on a one-off basis, or you know that you could be late to collect your child, please contact the School Office as soon as possible so that the class teacher can be made aware.