The staff at Grange Park Infant & Nursery School come to work each day committed to help all pupils achieve their very best.

Please find our current list of staff below. Staff with extra responsibilities are included in italics under their main role.

Head Teacher
Mrs K Thapar
Designated Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour, Art, Display, DT
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs J Kernoghan
Assessment, Professional Development and Student / NQT Tutor

Year 2 Teaching Staff

Miss Commerford Orange Class Teacher
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities
Co-ordinator (SENDCo)
Miss Roarty
Lilac Class Teacher
Religious Education
Miss Clark Pink Class Teacher
Year 2 Leader
KS1 Manager
Gifted & Talented
Ms Virdee
Emerald Class Teacher
Parental Engagement

Year 1 Teaching Staff

Ms Ashraf
Yellow Class Teacher
Mrs Patel
Purple Class Teacher
Personal, Social and Health Education
(Key Stage 1)
Ms Murphy
Blue Class Teacher
Miss Virdee
Crimson Class Teacher
Year 1 Leader

Reception Teaching Staff

Miss Jenkinson Silver Class Teacher
Reception Leader
Mrs Bishop & Mrs Coyne Green Class Teachers
Mrs Bishop: Geography
Mrs Coyne:
English as an Additional Language Manager
Mr Jeans
Turquoise Class Teacher
Personal, Social and Health Education
(Early Years)

Nursery Staff

Miss Lindsay Nursery: Caterpillars Class Teacher (AM)
Nursery Manager
Miss Patel Nursery: Ladybirds Class Teacher (AM & PM)

Cover Staff

Miss Gill

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mrs Nagra Orange Class
Mrs Flegg
Mrs Pearce
Lilac Class
Mrs Willmer Pink Class
Mrs Jabbar
Emerald Class
Mrs Moody
Yellow Class
Mrs Wright
Purple Class
Mrs Steward
Blue Class
Mrs Lehal
Crimson Class
Mrs Sahota
Silver Class
Mrs Sprake
Green Class
Mrs Kurti
Turquoise Class
Miss Halpin
Miss Radley

Mrs Rubakrishnan
Mrs Somasundaram
Nursery Nurses

Welfare, Learning Support and Administration Staff

Mrs Kirk Welfare Officer
Mrs Moody & Mrs Wright
Learning Mentors
Mrs Bray & Mrs Pearce Learning Support & Interventions
Mrs Evans, Mrs Bansal & Miss Manley 1:1 Support Staff
Mrs Thomas Family Support Worker
Mrs Hawes Finance
Mrs Watson School Administrator
Mrs Ashby Admin Assistant
Mr Watson Clerical Assistant

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Eari – Orange Class
Mrs Elliott – Lilac Class
Mrs Reardon – Pink Class
Mrs Brown – Emerald Class
Mrs Bhullar – Yellow Class
Mrs Singh – Purple Class
Ms Melgram – Blue Class
Mrs Stocker – Crimson Class
Miss O’Brien – Silver Class
Ms Woldetsadik – Green Class
Ms Bonikowski – Turquoise Class

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Nash School Cook
Mrs Bhamra
Miss Hashi
Miss Nyarko
Mrs Samra

Mrs Sohotra
Mrs Subramaniam
Mrs Whelan
Kitchen Assistants

Facilities & Cleaning Staff

Mr Jeffs Premises & Project Manager
Mr Wright Groundsman
Ms Bonikowska
Ms Eari
Mrs Frazer-Bobb
Mrs Ibrahim
Mrs Stocker