COVID-19 Asthma Alert

A message from Hillingdon Children’s Asthma Team:

During this difficult time facing Covid-19, it is important to ensure your child’s asthma remains well controlled and that you know when you should seek medical help.

  • If your child has asthma and uses a preventer inhaler (Beige/ Brown/ Orange/ Red/ Purple/Pink) please make sure they are using this twice a day EVERY DAY as prescribed, even when well. REMEMBER ALWAYS USE WITH A SPACER.

  • If your child needs their reliever inhaler (Blue) more than twice a week, for more than two weeks, please book a medical review with your GP/asthma nurse.

  • If your child needs 10 puffs of their reliever (Blue) inhaler and are no better or are wheezing again within 4 hours, GIVE ONE FURTHER SET OF 10 PUFFS and seek urgent medical review at your nearest A&E

  • Please do not delay seeking medical attention when needed.