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STOP and think – am I following the E-Safety Rules?

Remember to stay safe online!

Don’t forget the E-Safety Rules before you use the computer. Make sure you have an adult to help you.

  • I will only use the Internet and computing equipment with an adult’s permission and I will use it carefully.
  • I will keep my login and password information secret.
  • I will not send my phone number, address or a photo of me to anybody.
  • I will only use activities that an adult has allowed me to use and I will ask for help if I am not sure what to do.
  • If I see something that makes me feel unhappy I will tell an adult.

(Parents can visit the E-Safety page to see more information)

Login to Bug Club & Mathletics

bugclub_originalRemember to use Bug Club – it’s free and many books are available to read, with lots of your favourite characters!

Visit Bug Club website (opens in new tab)


Use Mathletics to sharpen up your Maths skills and play challenges with friends or even children around the world!

Visit Mathletics website (opens in new tab)



Other websites

Here are some links you can use to help with your literacy, numeracy and lots of other topics at home.

(Note to parents: The following links are to external websites and Grange Park Infant & Nursery School are not responsible for any content or advertising on these websites. They may change or become unavailable at any time. All websites are free to access and were deemed appropriate for children at the time of publication, but children and young people must be supervised at all times while using the Internet. You may wish to visit them first before you allow your child to access them. Some websites may invite you and your child to register for more activities or access – please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for each website before registering.)

Screenshot-2018-4-20 BBC Bitesize - KS1BBC Bitesize can help you with all the subjects you learn at school.

Visit BBC Bitesize KS1 (opens in new tab)


Screenshot-2018-4-20 Reading BearReading Bear can help you with phonics.

Visit Reading Bear (opens in new tab)


Screenshot-2018-4-20 ABC alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Practice for Kindergarten, ESL (EFL), Preschool Special EducationStarfall can help you learn the alphabet.

Visit Starfall (opens in new tab)


Screenshot-2018-4-20 ictgames educational games for Infant and Junior school childrenThere are lots of educational games to play at ICT Games.

Visit ICT Games(opens in new tab)



 You, or an adult you trust, can let the police know if
something has made you feel worried or unhappy

This button takes you to the CEOP Safety Centre
for help and advice, and to make a report.