School Council

The School Council is a way to make pupils' voices heard!

What does the School Council do?

Pupils elected to the School Council are called Councillors. They take suggestions from other members of their class and discuss those ideas with other Councillors. Then they think of ways to put the ideas into practice.

Each class has two Councillors (one boy, one girl) that will meet once a fortnight (two weeks) during assembly time, and then let their class know what was said at the meeting.

The School Council thinks about:

  • School rules

  • After school clubs

  • Play equipment

  • Which charities the school supports

  • Fundraising events and how to spend raised money

  • School trips

What have the School Council been talking about?

The School Councillors have been learning about their new role and have been coming up with ideas to improve the playground, like new equipment and games to play.

How can I become a School Councillor?

Each year, a School Council Election is held. An election is a way for everyone to decide who will be on the School Council.

If you want to be a member of the School Council, you can write a short speech to tell everyone why you think you should be a School Councillor. Ask your parent or guardian to help you write it, and think about all the things that you do well. For example, are you a good listener? Do you want to help others? These are some of the qualities of a good School Councillor – but you could think of other things that would make you a good School Councillor!

Then everyone who has written a speech will have the chance to read it out to the class. Once everyone has finished, the class will decide who they would like to represent them, choosing one boy and one girl. If you are chosen, you will become a member of the School Council – but don’t worry if not, because you can come up with ideas and suggest them to your class Councillors!