Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom as our remote learning platform.

Alongside your child’s usual written homework, we will also produce one homework task each week which is set in Google Classroom.

This system will also allow children to be taught at home in the event of a partial or full closure. We must make clear that this is not because the school expects to close in the near future – rather that all schools now have a duty to ensure that a remote education system is in place.

We hope that with the help of this system, we can try to provide a ‘home school’ to the children that is as close to their normal learning and routines as possible.

Google Classroom will:

  • Allow us to set a wide variety of work for children

  • Allow parents and children to communicate with their teacher

  • Enable us to make use of a vast range of digital learning resources

Shortly after starting school, your child should receive a letter with their unique username and password. Please keep it safe.

Once you receive this letter, please try to log on with your child. You can use the ‘Sign in’ button above to start the process. You can also sign in through Google’s homepage.

If you have any issues logging on to Google Classroom, please email, letting us know your child’s name and class with the problem that you are having.

Please see a handy guide for parents about the various parts of Google Classroom and how to use it below.

Parents' Guide to Google Classroom