Learning at home

We think that you, as a parent, should feel like a partner in your child’s education. You can help your children greatly by:

  1. talking and listening to them
  2. showing an interest
  3. reading to, and with, them
  4. hearing them read
  5. playing with them
  6. taking them to the library and other places of interest
  7. encouraging them to do homework
  8. encouraging good attendance and punctuality

You can find out what topics your child is focusing on this half term by visiting the Lesson Planning page.

Parents are always welcome to visit the school. Help is appreciated with many school activities such as reading, cooking, sewing and educational visits, but spaces are limited. Please speak to the Head Teacher if you are able to help in any way.

Your child’s class teacher is usually the most appropriate person to contact to talk about matters concerning your child since they will have detailed knowledge about them. The Head Teacher and Deputy Head will always make time to see you if you wish to discuss matters further. It is helpful if you can make an appointment first, but this is not always necessary. The Head Teacher should always be approached in the first instance where there is any complaint about curriculum or other issues.